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Nikon strikes - D5, D500 and Action Proof 360 camera

Nikon anounced it's flagship camera D5 with world leading performance and targeted to fight mirrorless rivals at high end pro market.

20.8 Mpx Full frame (FX format)

EXPEED 5 processor - newest and most sophisticated

12 fps with tracking AF

14 fps without

ISO 100-102800

ISO extended 50 to 3 280 000

153 AF points, 99-point cross sensor

4K recording and timelapse

3.2-inch 2.36 million dots LCD touchscreen

Finder coverage: 100% (FX), magnification: 0.72x Weight 1,4 KG

Image source: http://www.dpreview.com/

Focus area coverage is pretty wide with dense points distribution and ~50 selectable points, unfortunately for now not with the touchscreen.

Image source: http://www.dpreview.com/

Straight from the begining of Nikon presentation a comparison with a mirrorless camera is emphasized, both in terms of Viewfinder delay and AF performance.

This is only to proof what is the main rival. It's a quite a strong statement from the company - with best pro-camera to strike back semi-pro models of mirrorless.

This should be the New King let's see for how long with a price of 6500$ and available in March.

And now for something completely different... or not...but at least exciting


It's downgraded crop brother of D5 with allot of modern conectivity and SW support.

20.8 APS-C sensor (DX format)

EXPEED 5 processor - newest and most sophisticated

10 fps with tracking AF

ISO 100-51200

ISO extended 50 to 1 640 000

153 AF points, 99-point cross sensor

4K recording and timelapse

3.2-inch 2.36 million dots LCD tiltable touchscreen

Weights around 860 g

Finder coverage: 100% (FX), magnification: 1.0x

Buitl in Wireless and low-power Bluetooth for a constant Wireless connection

I'm quite impressed with last two features: Viewfinder should be amazing and finally we see quite a modern in terms of conectivity, DSLR, which will probably mean a interesting app support - wireless tethering ( transfer of images), as well as remote control.

This year key word will be virtual reality, immersive expirience. Nikon is definitely on board with it's 4K recording KeyMission 360.

Image source: http://www.dpreview.com/

This is rugged product with pretty impressive 4K recording and still image capabilities - it will be a dream for adventurers and extreme sport fans.

Only certain information for now is that is 30m waterproof and 2m drop shock-proof. Oh, Yes, 360 degrees video is going to get popular.

Gallery with all products

Quite likely January and February will be this year's newsworthy time span. Stay tuned and enjoy life ...




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