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  • Alexander Nachev

Taste of 120 Megapixels

Canon is hitting hard on the resolution frontier, by demonstrating it's extreme megapixel monster prototype at it's own Expo.

Sensor size is APS-H as in Canon 1D.

Prototype was shown in Canon Expo and is producing 210 MB raw files - a bit of problem to load, however in order to evaluate at usable 1:1 view 4K display is minimum you would need. This and other consideration is going to delay this camera at least for a year or two.

Workstations performance, memory storages are not yet there to take a normal loads of images from a shootout, not to mention limited selection of lenses that can come close to resolving this resolution.

And how about the aperture settings that will not harm resolution due to difraciton - at such megapixel level it should be no less than f4.5 - f5. So we can expect huge leap of technologies surounding photography.

PS: actually Canon anounced the 120 Mpx sensor back in 2010, along time ago when this certainly sounded like a sci-fi stuff


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