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  • Alexander Nachev

Feel the depth of first 100 Mpx

Medium Format Digital cameras were seriously endangered by the Full frame high resolution models of 2015 (Canon 5DSR, Sony A7R2). Not anymore. Phase One XF100MP with sensor 53.7 mm x 40.4 mm (Medium format)

No need to talk in depth of technical details just take a minute to see the details of this joint venture with Sony.

Images by Alexander Flemming (copyrights)

Another example of the dynamic range in shades that is quite impressive.

Images by Peter Eastway (copyrights)

This camera is first of it's kind and is not the first "first" for Phase One. Together with Sony they've developed two of the ultimate top quality cameras of Full Frame and Medium format digital cameras.

Main purpose is quality, so we don't expect fancy AF, still we can expect unmatched purity and depth of quality studio work. Let's hope it delivers, for the astonishing 49 000 $.

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