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  • Alexander Nachev

How about a 250 MPixel sensor and 1000 fps object tracking

Big news today - University of Tokyo and Sony are partnering in 1000 fps tracking camera.

System can capture Full HD video and track objects with extremely high speed, keeping the object in center of frame.

It uses mirrors for pan and tilt movement and group of lens . The whole system emulates human pupil movement when watching a moving subject. Not suprisingly it's called pupil shift system. Additionally this system can illuminate object with certain image while tracking it.

Another big anouncement from Canon. They've developed 250 Mpx APS-H image sensor.


Two main questions come to mind when such high megapixel monster is created - what is it for, and how good it is. With it's 19,580 x 12,600 pixels, calculations result in size for pixel nearly 1.49 um (micrometers), which is the biggest size of pixels in smartphone cameras.

This will not be dynamic range monster, however it has more than a few useful features:

  1. Insane resolution, which will result in descriminating extremely small details from far away (provided lens can resolve it). Even if details are not perfect good image restoration tehnics or pixel-shift technology could improve them.

  2. Losless digital zoom - you can crop very small part of the captured image and result in very detailed digitally zoomed image. How much zoom ? - you can get 30 times digital zoom in 4K rezolution (it will be as detailed as current 4K smartphone ).

  3. Ofcourse very logcal aplication is surveillance.

It's not only resolution that matters. It's important to be able to record that megapixels fast enough to be practical - this monster sensor and it's protoype housing is able to capture at 5 fps (1,25 bilion pixels per second).

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