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  • Alexander Nachev

One step closer to DSLR by DxO One

New DxO One is the first step for the company in camera device business

French based image quality experts, DxO, just anounced extremely pocketable high quality gadget, that replaces your iphone camera. The main traits : 1 inch BSI CMOS sensor (gathers at least 5 times more light than your smartphone in the same amount of exposure time) and f1.8 lens.

Dxo One does fix few of the flaws in the attachable smartphone cameras, like size, interface, handling... Let's hope it's strongest point however will be Image quality - something DxO are expert of. Another question raised in web, "How well will attached device and phone hold together ? "

Check Gallery in DxO website. The style of the device resembles action camera, but it's actually more of a DSLR grip. The pre-order price in Europe is curently 649 €. DxO are famous for their Image analysis software and solutions. If you want to buy a lens or a camera check it's qualities by data in legendary DxO Mark

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