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  • Alexander Nachev

Checkmate ? in high res

Very strong press release from Sony in Mirrorless world 3 new cameras anounced ! 42 Mpx Full Frame A7 R II - fraction of technologies in it 399 focus points and Sensor Stabilization, Backlit Full Frame Image Sensor, internal 4K

42 Mpx A7R2 press image

Detailed info A7 RII

Te other two cameras: 20.2 Mpx, x10 Zoom RX10 II and the 20.2 Mpx RX100 IV - both very fast (960 fps @480 p, 480 fps @ 1080p) in their class and internal 4K

source: While this camera is not a megapixel king it's quite full with features and innovaiton. Sensor is quite an achievement, and it should deliver a visible improvement. It combines both Back illuminated (1) and gappless On Chip Lens (2). (1) Light gathering is not obstructed by schematics - more sensitive

(2) The space between pixel lenses is reduced and provides better optical paths - less noise


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