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  • Alexander Nachev

Inspiration to explore ?

Checkout this amazing video montage by Leonardo Dalessandri

I bet you want to travel, but may be you're bored by inadequate tourist agencies... And probably you've found your best way to travel outside the "tourist box", I would like to suggest you few tips to embark on a new way of exploring:

1. Try organizing trip by yourself - no agencies, no personal or group guides, only people you have fun with and trust

2. Check this website to see details and inspiration to visit new places

3. Avoid standard and typical tourist offers - stay in hostels and/or guest houses with good reviews - you'll save money and interact more

- try staying at locals, they are likely to be interested in your culture as much as you're in theirs 4. Learn a few phrases of the language in that place, it will open many doors

5. Talk to local people, be positive and open minded

Have fun :)

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