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  • Alexander Nachev

Wait for the sun

With the upcoming July morning there is more to the sunlight than we can actually evaluate.

It bursts a milion colors.. I'm preparing an article about colors. It will be more in the creative aspect - effect, characteristics, how to mix and combine them in a photo...

Stay tuned for a colorfull news :) The place in the photo is Essaouira, very calm and beautifull, located in Morocco's Atlantic coast.

It's a fishermen city and has fortress.

Well it seems fortress is so important that the name of the city translated from Berber and Arabic means - the wall ...(crows are missing, nobody screams "for the watch")

Seagull passing by the Citadel of the harbour.

Minutes after going for a walk around the city streets, we saw very iconic market street, example of how colorful and vivid is Essaouira.

Whatever you're up to, make it colorful :)

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